computer science


Resources And Regulations

Department facilities

The whole department is now situated in Owheo Building.

There are 5 general purpose labs (used mainly for the teaching of undergraduate courses), running various dual-boot combinations of Red Hat linux and / or OSX and / or Windows. There are also a number of research groups, including Artificial Intelligence, Computer Theory, Graphics and Vision, Imformation Retrieval and Systems, which are populated by a mixture of staff, postgrad students, research fellows and 400-level students doing lab-related topics.

There are kitchens/common rooms and toilets situated on all floors. These are for general use by both staff and students - but Computer Science shares the Owheo Building with two other departaments, so please be considerate of others, be unobstrusive, and clean up after yourself if you use these rooms.

Being a member of the department

Students are considered members of the department. As such, they benefit from close access to teaching and administrative staff, and access to a wide range of department premises and equipment. With this access goes trust. Here are some of the areas in which you have to keep up your end of the bargain.

Computer labs
Departmental computers
Departmental Network
Plagiarism and cheating
Access to free Microsoft Software - for students doing papers at 300-level and higher.

Official Computing Regulations

Rules and conditions of use for the departmental computing resources:
You need to have abide by these in order to have continued use of a usercode on departmental machines.

The Information and Communications Technology Regulations 2014:
You're also bound by these when you have an account at the CS department.
(In fact, you are bound by these as soon as you sign an enrolment form!)
Other ITS policies/regulations may also apply - see more on the ITS "Plans, Projects, and Policies" page