COSC402 - Advanced Computer Networks

S2 2019



COSC402 explores both practical and theoretical concerns of modern approaches to computer networks. The course falls into the following three parts:

  • Part I introduces the techniques for developing network programs using Socket APIs. There are five lectures and four labs in this part. In the labs you will practice how to develop network programs using Socket APIs. There is also one programming assignment in this part, and you will practice implementing a multi-user chat system. A background of intermediate-level C programming is quite beneficial to this part.
  • Part II introduces wireless sensor networks. There are two lectures, two labs, and one programming assignment in this part. You will learn how to develop network programs for embedded devices, and practice coding and debugging in both network simulators and real sensor network platforms.
  • Part III introduces other recent advances in computer networks. This part has five lectures that cover 4G&5G networks, datacenter networks, Li-Fi networks, optical networking and network-on-chips, delay-tolerant networks, and software-defined networks. There is one research project in this part.

Recommended Textbook for Part I

Cover of Unix Network Programming UNIX Network Programming, Vol 1, 3rd Ed.
W. Richard Stevens, et al.
ISBN: 0-13-141155-1
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

If you are uncertain about C, we encourage you to get a book on C programming, and get familiar with it in the first two weeks. There is also a tutorial on C programming in the Resources page.


  • Lectures: Thursday 11am, Owheo G34
  • Labs: Thursday 2:00pm - 3:50pm, Lab B [NO lab in the first two weeks]


Lecturer: Dr Haibo Zhang (Coordinator)

  • E-mail haibo(at)
  • Office Room 247, Owheo
  • Phone x8534 (479 8534)

Lecturer: Dr Yawen Chen

  • E-mail yawen(at)
  • Office Room 246, Owheo
  • Phone x5740 (479 5740)

Communication of Class Matters

We shall be using the COSC402 mailing list to communicate class matters and facilitate feedback and discussion. This is also a suitable forum for asking questions about the lecture and lab material. Please check your departmental email account regularly.

Class Representatives

We need at least one class representative, preferably two. Please email your name and studentID to Haibo if you are interested.