COSC420 - Neural Networks

Semester 1, 2020

This course is an introduction to artificial neural networks (ANNs) and deep learning. These are computational tools inspired by the brain. They offer new perspectives on computation, and insights into human cognition. Deep learning is a currently popular technology underlying advances in artificial intelligence, as used by organisations such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft and Apple. We will cover the practical use and tuning of ANNs, and fundamental algorithms/architectures including (a selection of): one-layer nets, multi-layer nets, backpropagation, Boltzmann machines, convolutional neural networks, supervised, reinforcement and sequence to sequence learning.

COSC420 is good preparation, but is not required, for COSC421 and COSC422.


Lectures are held in Owheo G34, Tuesday 9am-11am. The lecturers are


  • Assignment 1: 20%
  • Assignment 2: 20%

For resources, lecture notes and assignments visit the course page on blackboard.