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John Bosworth
Oliver Bridgman
Ramon Smith

This is to some extent a spin on Missile Command. You are defending the surface of a planet.

There are two game views. The world view shows you everything. There is a target circle which shows you the area you will zoom in to. This zoomed view places your turret in the center. The worm things will come towards you, if you they reach you, you lose a life.

In the zoomed mode you hold down on the mouse button to charge up your weapon.


  • Left mouse button : Zoom in / out
  • Right mouse button : Fire main gun (zoomed in), nuclear strike (zoomed out)


  • After downloading, you'll need to unzip the file you downloaded.
  • Inside the zip file is a file called astraphobia.jar. Double click this file to run the game
  • The games run on Mac OSX and Windows

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact

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