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Bullet Brawl

Oscar McNoe
Thomas Farr
Gus Auwerda

Bullet Brawl is a two player competitive action platformer. Use the collection of weapons found in each arena, as well as the weapon based movement to best your opponent.


  • Select an arena and battle a friend, with the winner being the first to 5 kills. Combine careful movement with the powerful recoil of the weapons to quickly navigate throughout the maps.
  • You can fire in all four directions, by holding the direction (up, left, down, right) and pressing your fire button.
  • By firing downwards while midair you can use the recoil of the guns to boost yourself upwards.
  • Player One is controlled with the Arrow Keys, "." to jump and "/" to fire.
  • Player Two is controlled with "R", "D", "F" and "G". "Z" to jump and "X" to fire.
  • ESC can be used to pause and exit the game.