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Lencho Burka
Dylan Chapman
Nick McKellow
Hannah Van Alphen-Fyfe

Dreamatorium is 2D puzzle/adventure platformer. Journey through a total of three dreamscapes in order to face off against your worst enemy in an epic battle.


  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to traverse your dreams.
  • Use SPACEBAR to jump.
  • Double tap space to jump twice (after you collect the ability).
  • Use Q to drop a block of ice (after you collect the ability).
  • Use W to shoot a fireball (after you collect the ability).
  • When in main and pause menu use ENTER to select options.

Known Issues

You may get stuck in the middle of slides if you don't jump well. If this happens, press escape to call the pause menu and return to the main menu. You can go back to the level using the level select.

Game is playable in the browser with Unity Web plugin (look below).

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.