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Matt Harvey
Jate Lee
Corbin Willis

Egg Roll is a tribrid of Line Rider, Side scroller and Platformer. In this 2D game, your aim is to get as far as you can, avoiding various enemies, traps and obstacles to try and get the highest score. You play as an innocent little egg trying to escape a cat chef trying to turn you into an omelette. Once you escape the kitchen, you are vulnerable to a dangerous world of traps, enemy's and obstacles. Good luck, and see how far you can run! But don't take too long to tackle a trap, the cat's still hungry!


  • Space Bar - Starts the game, and your egg beings to roll.
  • Left Mouse Button - Click and drag to draw on the screen.
  • Right Mouse Button - Activates your immunity powerup (Protection against fall damage and enemies).

Tips and tricks

You can use the lines to block enemies, build bridges, and even stop yourself to time a trap to survive.

Known Issues

  • Main Menu/HighScore animations sometimes doesn't work.
  • Difficult to balance the game. Some traps are too easy and others too hard. Hard to balance procedurally generated level.
  • Main level background is not infinite. If you go long enough, the player will pass the background.


All Audio and Music was acquired from and are royalty free.