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Luke Hickin
Geoffrey McDonald
Ollie Stringfield
Jesse Tiu

This game is a side scrolling, platform puzzler in which four elementals - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air - have arrived on the planet Elementium. They must complete each level in the fastest time possible to prove who is the greater elemental. Each elemental has a certain set of skills which enable them to take different paths throughout the same level. Some elementals may have an easier path than others, which greatly benefits their ability to speed run through levels.


  • Reach the level end in each map.
  • Figure out which obstacles each elemental can use to their advantage, which will slow them down or possibly kill them.
  • The timer will begin counting as soon as you spawn, and if you manage to finish the level with the fastest time it will record the time, along with your elemental that was used, and place it in the high scores page.
  • Controls:

    • Space/Up arrow/W : jump
    • Left arrow/A : left
    • Right arrow/D : right
    • Down arrow/S : down


    • After downloading, you'll need to unzip the file you downloaded.
    • Inside the zip file is a file called Elementium.jar. Double click this file to run the game
    • The game runs on Mac OSX and Windows

    If you have any trouble, feel free to contact

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