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Nick Lorimer
Sam Gabbusch
Jill Marindilla
Joshua Hii

Eleven is a classic platform style game, with an original twist. It tells the story of an 11, a couple consisting of two ā€œ1ā€™sā€ that has been separated by the evil Doctor Zero. The player must navigate a series of levels in order to complete the game. What makes it unique is the light and dark mechanic, and the cartoon based art style.

The light and dark mechanic works as follows: Time spent in either a light or dark area increases the visibility in that zone, whilst decreasing visibility in the opposite zone type. The player may gain an advantage from moving at a fast pace in order to maintain a balance of visibility between zones.


  • Movement - LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys are used to navigate the levels.
  • Jumping - The SPACEBAR is used for jumping and double jumping (double jump must be unlocked)
  • Wall Jump - This uses the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys and SPACEBAR. It is similar to regular jumping.

Game is playable in the browser with Unity Web plugin (look below).

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.