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Tegan Garland
Ethan Houliston
Connor Sherson
Mike Stuart

EXODUS is a turn-based tactical survival game inspired by FTL and the 1994 X-COM.

The Coalition ship Rorkeís Drift was scouting an uncharted star system for signs of Syndicate forces, when it received a hail from the surface of one of the inner planets. After a flurry of unintelligible messages, the Rorkeís Drift was fired upon. Before the small ship was destroyed, the Captain ordered the crew to abandon ship. Your squad has crash landed on the hostile alien planet. The objective is to find a way to signal your fleet for rescue.Some of your men will die. You need to survive by any means necessary.


    Most is explained in the tutorial level


    Point and click to choose which encounter you wish to go to. Lake - low chance of enemies or supplies. Forest - average change for enemies or supplies. Buildings - high chance of enemies and supplies.


    Use the mouse or buttons to select squad members. Click on the landscape to move. To fire: click on a weapon and select a fire mode, then select a target Status messages will pop up to alert the player to important events Click the end turn button to end your turn.


    Selecting a weapon, a fire mode, then hitting the reserve button will 'reserve' the time units for the action for future use. this will allow players to move units around without worrying about having no time units left. This can also be used to set up reaction shots. Click the button again to unreserve the time units.


    If your soldiers have any time units left over when you end your turn, they will take reaction shots at any enemy which moves into their line of fire. Use this to set up traps.


    • After downloading, you'll need to unzip the file you downloaded.
    • Inside the zip file is a file called Exodus.jar. Double click this file to run the game
    • The game runs on Mac OSX and Windows

    If you have any trouble, feel free to contact

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