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Rowan Webster
Craig Hall
Tomofumi Kimura
Hugo Ayre

"Extradimensional" is a fast paced side-scroller where you chase colour through two, monochromatic dimensions. The gameplay is focused around changing between a black and white dimension to collide with (or pass through) objects as you pursue a colourful comet overhead. Every puzzle is simple to solve but must be solved at pace, making Extradimensional a combination of endless runner and puzzle platformer that takes the speed of the former to make the latter more exciting.


  • Hold Up to jump
  • Hold Down to roll
  • Shift to change dimension
  • ESC to Pause

Known Issues

  • Game can’t be played in WebGL full screen without skewing UI formatting.
  • Background tiles can pop into and out of view.


All sound effects are open source and were downloaded from the internet.