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Goin' Postal

Alex Galbraith
Max Huang
Sam Paterson
Alex McKidry

Goin' Postal is an isometric 3D roguelike, with a unique item chaining system. You play as Jim Anderson, a disgruntled local postman who delivers mail in Burnsdale. Jim, due to his rotten luck, just happens to be the only human in the neighbourhood. One unfortunate day, while returning from his daily delivery route, he gets a call from his boss, Stan, ordering him to go buy coffee. Whilst on the call, Jim distinctly hears his fiancé, Tammie-Lynn, in the background calling out to Stan. Jim loses the plot and goes on a murderous rampage. No tortured soul spared, no co-worker saved, no mail left undelivered...


Read the floor tutorial on start rooms.

Known Issues

  • Explosion effect animates on kind of a loop thing if it hits the wall which an enemy in the next room is close to.
  • When boss activates blood spray, it glitches - blood spray is animating but boss is looking at you for a split second before properly facing the direction of where it should be spraying.
  • Being pushed through the wall by enemies.
  • Boss may not rotate properly sometimes.