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Gravity Warp

Will Shaw
Daniel Thomson
Zac Gardner

Gravity Warp is a 2D puzzle platformer where you must manipulate the direction of gravity in order to solve puzzles and advance through an abandoned research facility.

Default Controls: (controls are customisable in game)

  • W, A, S, D - Player Movement
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Left Mouse Click, Drag, & Release - Change Gravity
  • Right Mouse Click - Place Glue
  • Tab - Change Camera Zoom
  • Escape - Show Pause Menu

Known issues

  • Pre placed glue doesn't always spawn in Level 8. (Destructable box level).
  • Music volume slider only works on the level in which the music starts.

Game is playable in browsers with WebGL support.

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.