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Jonathan Arthur
Stephen Chalmers
Chris Lynch

Kerihos is a side-scrolling shooter where the player is transported to a virtual world on a mission to destroy the Kerihos virus. The player must eradicate the virus from the system by destroying all enemies and then finally defeat the Kerihos virus itself.


  • Movement L/R: L/R Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Up Arrow Key
  • Crouch: Down arrow Key
  • Shoot: Space
    Weapon Selection:
  • 1 - Blaster
  • 2 - Scatter Shot
  • 3 - Detonator Shot (the second press detonates the first shot)

Known issues

  • Bosses can occasionally spawn spores outside of the boss room.
  • Spores can get stuck on moving platforms and other walls - can be fixed if the platform or the player moves.
  • Worm babies can occasionally fall through the ground or float away.

Game is playable in the browser with Unity Web plugin (look below).

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.