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Kim Jong Fun

Thomas Oh
Daniel Anderson
Keith Hayward

In Kim Jong Fun, you play as North Korea in which your mission is to maneavour a robot around the planets to stop NASAs hold on the solar system. To do this one must change all US flags to North Korean flags while avoiding deadly obstacles and manipulating the environment in order to finish the level.

This primarily involves pushing boxes and boulders and jumping on directional boosters. In addition the player is timed for each level, a fast time results in a good bonus score. You have three lives to complete the game, but can collect additional lives during the game.


NASA has discovered Space Base Solar Power (SBSP), where satellites can directly beam the suns energy rays in a concentrated form to produce electrical power. Obama seeks world domination and has developed a machine to cover the Earth in a cloud, blocking out the sun , in order to control solar energy. Only the SBSP has enough energy to break through the cloud, thus America is unaffected.

Kim Jong decides to show the rest of the world that he is really a good guy, he sends his latest research robot to destroy the facilities generating the cloud and SBSP and thus save the world from this terrible atrocity.


  • Left and Right arrow keys : Move the robot left and right
  • Space Bar : Jump
  • R : Restart level and lose a life

Known Issues

  • High scores : High scores are not saved between game loads
  • Player : If jumping up and hitting a box, the player can continue jumping in mid-air. However out levels are designed so that this is hard situation to come across
  • Robots : Sometimes don't move, sometimes can't be destroyed
  • Z-axis : Sometimes collecting diamonds or going through a booster causes the z-axes of the player to change. As a result props that should be behind the robot are not, blocking view of the robot.
    • Game is playable in the browser with Unity Web plugin (look below).

      If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.