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Kingdom of Elem

Jacob Wallace
Tim Murray
Aaron Heller
Brendan Choun

Kingdom of Elem is an Action Platforming game that’s centered around boss fights. You play as King Taal, on a journey to claim the gems; protected by the four elemental guardians to stop an ancient evil.


  • Horizontal arrows to move left and right
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Space to swing sword
  • C to throw dagger
  • X to use gem ability
  • Z to cycle through gems
  • P to pause

Known Issues

  • If you move left and right while mashing melee you can damage hit the boss multiple times with 1 swing.


  • for the fireball.
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  • “Grunt” by N3B Licensed Creative Commons-BY 3.0:
  • “Spell 4 (Fire)” by Bart K. Licensed Creative Commons-BY 3.0:
  • “Fleshy Fight Sounds” by will_leamon Licensed OGA-BY 3.0: