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Last Of The Light People

Christopher Clarke
Nicholas Coles
Alexander Gregory

The planet Europa is being an invaded and it's up to you to save it! Last of the Light People is a 2-D Puzzling-Platformer created by Team Zippleback. You play Ray Don, the last of the free light people. Moving beam emitters around the game world solves puzzles and, if you're good enough, saves your friends. Ray Don's epic journey spans six substantive levels as well as inbuilt tutorials.


  • Movement - W A S D / Arrow Keys
  • Activate Object - E
  • Grab Box - Space
  • ESC - Menu

Known Issues

  • Slow machines, Unity Editor or use of fullscreen on a large monitor can lead to an occasional issue pulling boxes
  • When the player straddles two escalators he will bounce slightly
  • If a ray emitter block is firing at a wall/ray emitter/travelator escalator dropdown, and another ray emitter is firing at a mirror, the laser reflects of the first mirror but not the second
  • Boxes move slightly downwards as an elevator moves down if the box has come into contact with that elevator previously in time
  • Sometimes, lasers flicker rapidly when hitting something
  • If a reflected mirror hits another mirror, and then the original reflection is moved to hit an obstacle, the ray passes through the object
  • If a emitter block is dropped onto a travelator, and then the travelator is moved, the box moves faster than normal
  • Collisions between boxes and other boxes, or boxes and walls are kinda gross
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