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Finn Luxton
Tom Kent-Petersen
Adam Munro
Lorne Brooks

Mars is a science fiction, text based game set on Mars. You control a set of 6 survivors of which each has two traits that influence what direction the game can go in depending on how you use them. The survivors’ outpost has been destroyed by a huge storm, and you must travel across the planet of Mars to get to your main base before the storm hits. You must manage four different resources in order to survive on your journey. On this planet where even surviving a day can be difficult you must learn to make sacrifices, cheat, lie, steal, and do whatever it takes to survive, but just remember that all actions have their consequences.


  • Read an event situation on the event screen.
  • Click the arrow on the right or use the buttons at the top to navigate to the bio screen.
  • The bio screen is where you can view the history of your resources and check on each member of your party’s health, traits, and other information.
  • To the right of the bio screen is the actions screen where you can choose what to do from up to four actions. These actions are restricted by whether the survivor possessing a trait is alive and if the player has enough resources the afford the choice cost.
  • Select and action and press commit.


All music made by Iris Huynh

Known Issues

  • Couldn’t get music and sound effects control working through the pause menu UI (disabled access).
  • Need to display on the title screen which difficulty is currently selected.
  • Win screen text does not seem to be correct.
  • If the history string gets too long, then the scroll text text area will throw some errors.
  • Instructions

    All sound effects are open source and were downloaded from the internet.