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Project Paradox

Created by:
  Caitlin Miller
  Jesse Pattinson
  Tim Young

Time travel has been invented. Government agencies have sent back specially trained Time Agents to prevent historical disasters. They saved JFK from assassination, defeated the Huns and stopped the spread of the Plague.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions, the changes they made have accidentally caused an apocalypse.

Your job is to go back in time and put things wrong again. You must assassinate JFK, help the Huns fight the Byzantine Empire and spread the Plague all while fighting the original Time Agents! For the greater good!


Spacebar: move through dialogue popups and interact with npcs.
Arrow keys: move the character (or aim if in aiming mode, holding the left or right keys change the direction of the gun)
Tab: open the Stage Chooser
Z key: attack an npc in range
R key in Stage Chooser: reset the entire level
R key while playing: reset the current stage
A key: enter aiming mode (if gun is in your inventory)
F key: fire the gun (while aiming)

Known issues:

We ran out of time and only successfully implemented one level, so the tutorial and the JFK level work but the Hun level does not work completely.

The major shortcoming is that we were only able to fully implement one of the three levels that we designed. We are including the puzzle outlines and artwork for the other levels with this document - the architecture we have is able to support these levels, we just ran out of time.

In addition, we expect that there may be bugs that we are unaware of. One of the issues raised with user testing was that users want to do things in the game that we never thought of, and that often when they did this it would reveal obscure logical errors in the code (e.g. we didn't think anyone would want to defeat JFK by punching his parade car, but they did).


  • After downloading, you'll need to unzip the file you downloaded.
  • Inside the zip file is a file called ProjectParadox.jar. Double click this file to run the game.
  • The games run on Mac OSX and Windows
If you have any trouble, feel free to contact

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