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Ray Zhang
Chenyang Zhang
Orlando Yuan

Ravenclaw is a 2D platform game based on The Prose Edda. The aim of player is to travel through each level horizontally, fight with enemies and finally defeat the boss Fenrir, the first son of Loki. The character is represented by a raven-like creature, who gained power from his Master Odin, travel through the Yggdrasill from top to the bottom, defeat bosses to breaking the prophecy of Ragnarök.


  • Direction Keys - Walk
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Control - Shoot

Known Issues

  • We simply removed CG & Level’s Title & snowing effect, since the .mp4 files doesn’t work as video clips in WebGL build.
  • The main level is extremely hard for casual players even though we tried to balance it.
  • Player has a very small chance stuck inside the moving platform, when jump on to it.
  • player has a tiny chance stuck on the side of the top of the column.
  • When Player get hurt, then press jump keys, sometime player will be thrown into sky.


Both background musics were acquired from Youtube Audio Library and are royalty free.
Forest of Fear - Aakash Gandhi
Apprehensive at Best - Biz Baz Studio
All sound effects were acquired from FinalCut Pro’s library.