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Reptile Rampage

Joe Gasparich
Rory O'Connor
Percy Hu

A rip in space time has dumped a deluge of dinosaurs on Doom Island and Gavin the mad scientist has turned them into Triassic Turret Tripods by fitting them with huge guns, in this twin stick shoot em up, slay hordes of weaponized dinos and stop the madman Gavin before he takes over the world!


  • WASD = Move
  • Mouse = Aim
  • Left Click = Shoot
  • Right Click / G = Grenade
  • E = Pick up Weapon
  • Tab / Scroll / 1,2,3 = Swap weapon

Known issues

  • Safari may heavily compress audio quality
  • Firefox may sometimes cause issues with right clicking?

To get the WebGL build to run smoothly we've had to compress a lot of textures and sounds which ruins a lot of sprites. If you have any issues with performance or want the game to be the best quality we recommend downloading a build here: Windows build, OSX build.


All original

  • Level 1 track - Composed by Hyuck Lee
  • Level 2 track - Composed by Joe Gasparich
  • Level 3 track - Composed by Ollie Gasparich
  • Boss 1 + 2 track - Composed by Ollie Gasparich
  • Final Boss track - Composed by Ollie Gasparich

Game is playable in browsers with WebGL support.

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.