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The Runaway Dream

Simon Finnie
Chris Greenan
Reuben Hilder

The Runaway Dream is a side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up. The player chooses from a selection of unique ships and weapons, which are unlocked as you progress the game. The objective of the game is to progress through the 5 levels and destroying as many ships as possible to try and beat the high score. This game is made to start reasonably difficult and increase from there.


Works on web browsers that support unity.


The ship is controlled with w,a,s,d for up, left, down, right respectively. Primary shoot is spacebar, and secondary shooting is ‘,’, ’.’, ’/‘ keys. The menus are moved through with ‘w’,’a’,’s’,’d’ for up, left, down, right, and enter is select. For ship selection you are also required to use ‘,’, ‘.’, ‘/‘ to assign weapons to each key.

If you want to skip the tutorial, simple pause the game.


When in ship menu hit the ` key to progress to the next level. Including unlocks.

Known issues

It is (very rarely) possible to kill enemies offscreen with the beam weapon. This can (again rarely) cause health pickups to drop in unreachable locations.