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Zachary Bayne
Natasha Goodwin
Murray Tait

In this game, you will play as Seagull Steve, Defending your beach and your life from Blackbeak and his avian horde. If this is your first time playing the game, we recommend playing through the tutorial first, as it provides instructions for gameplay, and sets the story up.


In case you’re tutorial averse, we’ve listed the controls for the game below:

  • Arrow Keys/WASD control Movement
  • Space Squawks
  • Z/V Poop

Settings for the game’s sound and music are available on the main menu, and while you are certainly allowed to disable them, we recommend leaving them on for the full SQUAWK! experience.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it,

Known issues

  • Attempting to enter the tutorial after exiting gameplay via the pause menu will cause a freeze.

Game is playable in the browser with Unity Web plugin (look below).

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Lech Szymanski.