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The Australasian Association for Logic (AAL) is the professional organisation for logicians in Australia and New Zealand. We aim to encourage and disseminate research in all areas of logic. AAL members communicate with each other by way of annual meetings, an emaillist, and a journal. Membership is free, and not recorded: interested individuals are suggested to subscribe to the emaillist or to volunteer a presentation at the annual conference.

Annual conference

The annual conference of the Australasian Association for Logic takes place in New Zealand or in Australia. It is typically collocated with some other academic event related to logic. Some previous AAL meetings were:

The AAL annual conference for 2009 will be held in the Philosophy Department of the University of Melbourne, 11th and 12th July 2009. Abstracts of presentations at AAL meetings later appear in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.

Australasian Journal of Logic

Established in 2003, the Australasian Journal of Logic is a fully refereed, freely available electronic journal covering all areas of research in logic. It aims to be a repository of timely, original and significant research in pure logic, and logic as it is applied in mathematics, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. Submissions are welcome. For more information, see .

ASL Committee on Logic in Australasia

One way in which Australasian logicians communicate with the rest of the world is by way of the ASL Committee on Logic in Australasia , a regional committee established by the Association of Symbolic Logic . The current members of the committee are: Ross Brady (Chair), Jeremy Seligman, Hans van Ditmarsch, Greg Restall, John Slaney (from 2007: Greg Hjorth), and Bakhadyr Khoussainov.

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