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Keynote speaker

Professor Nik Ruskuc, University of St Andrews
Decidability Questions for Pattern Avoidance Classes of Permutations

Accepted papers

  1. C. McCartin, R. Downey: Bounded Persistence Pathwidth
  2. A. Dekker: The Symmetry Ratio of a Network
  3. E. Prieto: The Method of Extremal Structure on the k-Maximum Cut Problem
  4. B. Dongol: Concurrent Program Design in the Extended Theory of Owicki and Gries
  5. S. Saunders: Efficient Algorithms for Solving Shortest Paths on Nearly Acyclic Digraphs
  6. T. Ishil: Minimum Cost Source Location Problem with Local 3-Vertex-Connectivity Requirements
  7. M. Dumas: When are two Workflow Processes the Same?
  8. N. Danner, C. Pollett: Circuit Principles and Weak Pigeonhole Variants
  9. K. Trentelman: Factorising temporal specifications
  10. M. Lanthier: Calculating the Meeting Point of Scattered Robots on Weighted Terrain Surfaces
  11. R. Solis-Oba: On packing squares with resource augmentation: maximizing the profit
  12. M. Compton: Stenning's Protocol Implemented in UDP and Verified in Isabelle
  13. D. Hemer: Plug-in proof support for formal development environments
  14. H. Machi: The Relative Completeness of the First-Order CTL*
  15. M. Persson: Approximate Clustering of Fingerprint Vectors with Missing Values

Informal submissions

  1. M. H. Albert: Sorting with transposition switches
  2. G. Farr: The complexity of counting colourings of subgraphs of the grid.


CATS sessions will be held during ACSW at the following times:

Keynote session

11.00am 1 February

Regular paper sessions

4.00pm 30 January
9.00am, 2.00pm, 4.00pm 1 February
11.00am 2 February