Web Development and Digital Media

Welcome to COMP112, Semester 1 2018


Note: Details below may be subject to changes.

COMP112 provides an introduction to client-side Web technologies including HTML, CSS, and digital media. In COMP112 we will teach you how to create well-engineered Web sites, and you will build practical skills in the creation and manipulation of digital images.

All lectures are to be given by Dr Claudia Ott.


  1. Introduction
  2. HTML I Basics
  3. HTML II Links
  4. CSS I
  5. Web Technologies
  6. HTML III Tables
  7.  How Google works
  8. CSS II and CSS III
  9. Usability I
  10. Usability II
  11. Security
  12. Ethics
  13. Sound
  14. Video
  15. HTML IV Forms
  16. Javascript
  17. ANZAC Day
  18. Accessibility
  19. How colour is represented
  20. Graphic formats
  21. Cameras and scanners
  22. Flash
  23. HTML5/CSS3
  24. Server-side
  25. Review


  1. Introduction to OSX
  2. HTML I Introduction (1%)
  3. HTML II Links (1%)
  4. Publishing your Web Page (1%)
  5. CSS 1 (1%)
  6. HTML III Tables (1%)
  7. Catch up
  8. CSS II Part 1 (1%)
  9. CSS II Part 2 (1%)
  10. CSS III (1%)
  11. Make a Web Site I (1%)
  12. Catch up
  13. Make a Web Site II (2%)
  14. Project Plan marking (3%)
  15. HTML IV Part 1 Forms (1%)
  16. HTML IV Part 2 Forms (1%)
  17. Javascript (1%)
  18. Accessibility Challenge (2%)
  19. Graphics I (1%)
  20. Graphics II (1%)
  21. Graphics III (1%)
  22. Project Submission
  23. CSS Zen Garden (1%)
  24. Javascript II (1%)
  25. PHP (1%)
  26. Catch up

To take COMP112 you do not need to have any background in Web development or programming. You do need to have basic skills in using a computer such as, being able to create and edit text, and save files. If you have any queries about the course or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The coursework pages for this paper are to be on Blackboard.

Teaching Schedule

There are two x 1 hour lectures per week (Monday at 15:00 (venue TBA), Wednesday at 15:00 (venue TBA)). Every student will be streamed to two x two hour laboratory sessions per week where they will work through practical exercises. Typically a student should expect to be able to complete the laboratory sessions more or less within the two hour period - as long as they have done some preparation prior to attending the laboratory.


There are three components to the COMP112 assessment package:
- Assessed labs are worth either 1% , 2% or 3% (to a total of 25%). See table above.
- A project (worth 15% and due in Week 10)
- A final exam (worth 60%).

Teaching Team in 2018:

Nick Meek
Claudia Ott - Lecturer
Room 248 Owheo Building
479 8499

Nick Meek
Nick Meek - Professional Practice Fellow
Room G06 Owheo Building
479 7339

If you have any questions about lectures, lab work and lab marks, your lab streams, or the assessed project then Nick is the person you should talk to.