General Programming


  • Lectures for Semester Two are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, and begin on Tuesday July 9th. Venue will be confirmed July 5th.
  • Labs are held in the Owheo building. You will have two laboratories each week. Each lab is 1 hour and 50 minutes long.
    Labs start after noon on Wednesday July 6th.
    The lab book will be available digitally on Blackboard for free, but a printed version, which includes the lecture notes, can be purchased for $22 from the Computer Science office before your first lab.
  • Please take responsibility for regularly reading the information provided to your university email address and Blackboard throughout the semester.
  • COMP160 course outline (pdf)

Working from home

Lab files are available by logging in to Blackboard and following the Course Documents link.

Your Computer Science Department Home Directory is not directly accessible from off campus. However there are ways to share files between home and the lab.

But lecture and lab attendance is expected, and students must take personal responsibility for receiving information provided in them. Here is an exerpt from the Provision of Information policy.
2. Responsibilities of Students
(a) Students are responsible for making themselves aware of all University rules and regulations pertaining to their rights and responsibilities as students and to the degree in which they are enrolled.
(b) Students shall be deemed to have received any information:
provided in scheduled classes, regardless of attendance;
sent to their student email address;
made available via Blackboard or other University-approved learning management systems.
(c) Students are expected to be aware of all information related to a paper that is made available to them, and, in a timely manner, to raise with staff any questions or concerns relating to this information.
(d) Students are expected to be aware of, and to act in accordance with, the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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Resources on the Web

There are many free online resources for learning programming and computer science. Here are a few:

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