• Lectures for Summer School are held daily at 11am. They begin on Monday January 11th.
  • You will have a laboratory session each week day in the Owheo building. Each lab is 1 hour and 50 minutes long. Labs begin on Tuesday January 12th.
    Your evision timetable will have streamed you in to either the 9am lab session or the 12 noon session. If your streamed lab time is inconvenient, just let us know. There is plenty of room in both streams.
    The laboratory workbook will be available as a pdf file from the Course Documents link on Blackboard, as are a complete set of the lecture notes. If you want a printed, bound copy of the lab book, download the file/s and print them either at home or on-campus, then have them Fastbound for $5 at UniPrint.
  • Please take responsibility for regularly reading the information provided to your university email address and Blackboard throughout the semester.
  • COMP160 course outline (pdf)

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