Lecture topics

Electronic copies of the lecture material will be available by Thursday afternoon for the following week. We reserve the right to depart from the planned schedule if necessary.

Copies of the lecture notes and code samples will be available on Blackboard.

Recordings of the lectures will be available here.

Lecture Date Topic
1 July 14th Introduction & Ethical issues in Computing
2 July 16th Programming & Algorithms
3 July 21st Java basics
4 July 23rd Hierarchies (Inheritance)
5 July 28th Hierarchies (Polymorphism)
6 July 30th Interfaces
7 August 4th Algorithms
8 August 6th Recursion
9 August 11th Analysis of algorithms
10 August 13th Array algorithms
11 August 18th Linked lists 1
12 August 20th Linked lists 2
13 August 25th Collections & generics
14 August 27th Stacks
  Aug 30th - Sep 3rd Mid-semester break
15 September 8th Queues
16 September 10th Insertion & selection sort
17 September 15th Quick sort
18 September 17th Object Orientated programming 1
19 September 22nd Object Orientated programming 2
20 September 24th C and memory management 1
21 September 29th C and memory management 2
22 October 1st Functional programming in Python
23 October 6th Functional programming in Python
24 October 8th Array programming in R
25 October 13th Array programming in R
26 October 15th Exam review and wrap-up