Advanced Web Development

COSC212: Advanced Web Development

Semester 2 - 2018

Note: the code for this paper was changed from COMP212 to COSC212 for 2016, but the paper is essentially the same.

In COSC212 you will learn about building Web applications using JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. Enroll for COSC212 and advance to the next level in Web development. You can read some questions and answers about this paper, or contact us if you have any questions about COSC212.

Course Content

COSC212 focuses mainly on programming techniques for creating dynamic Web pages. These techniques allow you to create Web pages which respond to user input, can store and process information, and generally behave like other applications. This focus on programming is reflected in the structure of the course, which is based around laboratory exercises and practical assignments.

Although many of the concepts you will learn in COMP112 may be applied to any development environment, you will also learn some of the most popular Web development languages. For client-side programming we will use JavaScript, and you will learn how to make Ajax calls to retrieve data from a server and use the jQuery library to write short, descriptive code. On the server-side we will use PHP, which is the most commonly used server-side scripting language, and you will be introduced to SQL through the MySQL database management system.


COSC212 will be using Blackboard for course delivery. Lecture notes, the lab book, announcements, and other material relevant to the course will be posted there. Students should have access to the Blackboard pages from the start of Semester 2.

We will also be using Blackboard to communicate about the course. This means that emails will be sent to students' accounts. If you are enrolled in COSC212 it is expected that you will check this email account regularly.

Course Structure

There are two 50 minute lectures and two two-hour lab sessions per week. Much of the lecture material is preparation for the practical work, which is the main focus of the course. Through the labs you will develop an e-commerce style application, the Classic Cinema Web store. You will apply the techniques you learn in the labs to another application in two assignments.


There area two x 50 minute lectures per week. Lectures are on:

  • Mondays at 3pm in Archway 2
  • Wednesdays at 3pm in Archway 3

Lectures start on Monday in the first week of Semester 2


All laboratory sessions will be held in Lab A (Room G06) in the Owheo Building.

Labs are streamed, and this information will be posted on the board outside the secretary's office.

Labs start on Tuesday/Wednesday of the first week of Semester 2.


COSC212 assessment is split between the exam and internal assessment as follows:

  • Assessed lab exercises are worth 1% each (a total of 16%).
  • Two assignments are worth 17% each.
  • The final examination is worth 50%.

Put another way, half of your marks come from the exam, and the other half is split fairly evenly between labs, assignment 1, and assignment 2.


COSC212 is about programming for Web applications, so you need to know about programming and writing Web pages. For most students, this knowledge will come from COMP160 (programming) and COMP112 (writing Web pages). Some students with appropriate backgrounds may take COSC212 with less preparation.

Contact us if you have any questions about COSC212.