Computer Architecture and Operating Systems


The first column below has links to the slides in PDF format. Lecture supporting material and links will be added to the Resources page.

Note that lecture schedule below is extremely tentative.

Lecture 127th FebruaryIntroduction & Data Representation 1
Lecture 22nd MarchData Representation 2

Lecture 36th MarchData Representation 3
Lecture 49th MarchIntroduction to Logic & Combinatorial Logic

Lecture 513th MarchSequential logic
Lecture 616th MarchComputer Architecture 1

Lecture 720th MarchAssembly Language 1
Lecture 823rd MarchAssembly Language 2  (Beagle Bros. poster)

Lecture 927th MarchAssembly Language Techniques
No Lecture30th MarchGood Friday (holiday)

March 31st - April 8thMid-semester break (Enjoy your time off)

Lecture 1010th AprilMemory and Storage Systems
Lecture 1113th AprilControl Unit and Microprogramming

Lecture 1217th AprilComputer Architecture 2
Lecture 1320th AprilInput and Output

Lecture 1427th AprilIntroduction to Operating Systems
Lecture 151st MaySystem Structure and Processes

Lecture 164th MayThreads and Data Sharing
Lecture 178th MayProcess Scheduling

Lecture 1811th MayProcess Synchronisation
Lecture 1915th MayDeadlocks

Lecture 2018th MayMemory Management
Lecture 2122nd MayVirtual Memory

Lecture 2225th MayFile Systems
Lecture 2329th MayI/O Systems and Secondary Storage

Lecture 241st JuneDigital Forensics (Guest lecture)
Lecture 25Revision