Object-Oriented Programming

COSC346 Assignments

Assignment 1

Worth 20%
Due by 5pm Monday 4th September
  • Specification (v1.3).
    • Changes from v1.2: fix day of week of due date (!); clarify that when parsing files' content, diagnostic output should not be produced.
    • Changes from v1.1: fix relative cell dereference in example; clarify semantics of output directives; make explicit that default cell values can be assumed to be 0.
    • Changes from v1.0: fix absolute cell references in grammar; briefly discuss absolute cell references in notes; emphasise that whitespace can usually be ignored.
  • Skeleton code (7ae12bf)

Assignment 2

Worth 20%
Due by 5pm Friday 6th October

Late submissions

Late submission penalty: 10% per working day, rolling over at 5pm (the time that the assignment is due). Submissions over 5 days overdue will not be accepted.

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