Willem's background reading

For general background reading on logic for artificial intelligence, here are the 3 best texts (all of them a bit outdated, but all of them excellent):

  • Barwise and Etchemendy: The Language of First-Order Logic. ISBN 0-937073-90-3
  • Genesereth and Nilsson: Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence. ISBN 0-934613-31-1
  • Davis: Representations of Commonsense Knowledge. ISBN 1-55860-033-7

For nonmonotonic logic, the famous (but hard to read) paper is

  • Kraus, Lehmann and Magidor (1990): Nonmonotonic reasoning, preferential models and cumulative logics. Artificial Intelligence 44:167-207

For belief change, the famous (but hard) papers are

  • Alchourron, Gaerdenfors and Makinson (1985): On the logic of theory change: Partial meet functions for contraction and revision. Journal of Symbolic Logic 50:510-530
  • Grove (1988): Two modellings for theory change. Journal of Philosophical Logic 17:157-170

For epistemic logic, the famous text is

  • Fagin, Halpern, Moses and Vardi: Reasoning about knowledge. ISBN 0-262-56200-6

For temporal logic, the clearest text is

  • Goldblatt: Logics of Time and Computation. ISBN 0-937073-94-6

Richard's background reading

Files for Richard's part of the paper are here.