1. Data Modelling (10%)

Due 4pm Thursday March 29

The assignment specification is available in PDF form.

2. Oracle Database Administration (10%)

Part 1 (8 marks)

Due 4pm Friday April 20

Part 2 (12 marks)

Due 4pm Friday May 11

Acting in all respects in the role of a (solitary) DBA working for a commercial company, you must complete tasks and solve problems as presented by your manager and clients.
Assessment is formative - the problems presented will build on experience gained in solving previous problems. It runs over a number of weeks, and you will need to establish a working database in the early stages in order to have time to progress through the problems.
Part 1 (due April 20th) is worth 8 marks and Part 2 (due on May 11th) is worth 12 marks - a total of 20 marks for 10% of marks towards finals.

There are links to resources to help you with the work on the tools page .
You should be able to complete at least Part 1 of the assignment just by successfully working through the tutorial notes. There are clues to possible solutions for other parts of the assignment scattered through these notes.

The Assignment 2 specifications are available in PDF format, as is the background scenario for the assignment. Please read both documents carefully.

3. Project (20%)

Due 4pm Friday May 25


To understand some of the latest developments in the field of Database research and to develop: critical thinking and logical, structured, coherent writing.

You must choose one of the following topics for your project.

Distributed Databases
Spanner: Google's globally distributed database (Google)
Data Mining
Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules
Timeseries Databases
Gorilla: A Fast, Scalable, In-Memory Time Series Database (Facebook)
Graph Databases
Trinity: A distributed graph engine on a memory cloud (Microsoft)


Your assignment for this project involves researching one of the above topics in more detail. You will need to perform the following tasks:

  • Read the required reading
  • Contribute to the in-class discussion
  • Write a report on the reading
  • Find a recent (in the last 5 years) research article (from one of the sources below) that describes a new technique with respect to the topic at hand
  • Write a review

Submit for assessment the report, your chosen article, and your review. You must submit your report as a PDF (we suggest you use LaTeX for this task). Your references/citations must follow the IEEE Citation Style.


You should find your articles from the following journals and/or conferences.

  • ACM Transactions on Database Systems
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering
  • ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data
  • ACM Principles of Database Systems
  • Very Large Databases
  • IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering


Your projects would be assessed based on your explanation and your understanding of the problem in the given paper, your review of relevant research, and your ability to present their argument. In other words it is less about the practical ability.


The first step is to choose a paper you are interested from the list of recommended papers.

The second step is to read the paper you chose and understand the work done in that paper. In the report, we would expect you to include a component that summarises the work done in that paper. That component should have the information that answers the following questions:

  • what problem was investigated in that paper?
  • what is key idea of the proposed algorithm/system?
  • how does the proposed algorithm/system work?
  • how was the developed algorithm/system evaluated, and what are the evaluation results?

Based on your understanding, the third step is to give some insightful analysis.

  • Do you find any drawback for the solution proposed in that paper?
  • Do you have any solution to the identified problem?
  • Do a literature review on the related works. How are they related to the work done in the paper you choose? Is there any paper investigates the same problem you identified?
  • Do you think the developed algorithm/system was properly evaluated? If not, what is missing? how should it be evaluated?
  • Do you think the paper was written in a way that is easy to understand? Do you have any suggestion to improve the writing?

There are several ways to find related works. You can simply search in Google and IEEE/ACM digital libraries. GoogleScholar is another powerful tool to find related works.

We would suggest you to write the report using Latex. However, if you don't have any experience in using Latex, it is acceptable to use Microsoft word or similar editing tools. The report must be submitted in PDF. You can use the template provided by IEEE (https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html).

There is no particular word limit for the report, but we recommend to have a total number of words between 3000 and 5000.

The goal of this assignment is to train you the abilities in carrying out research. These abilities include the ability to understand a proposed solution by reading research papers, the ability to analyse a developed algorithm or system, the ability to do literature review and the ability on technical writing. Think about how to write the report in a way to reflect that you have such abilities.

Assignment Submission

The report should be a single document in PDF or MS Word. Send the report to both Haibo and Paul by the due time. Penality applies for late submisisons.