1. Data Modelling (8%)

Due 4pm Friday March 22

The assignment specification is available in PDF form.

2. Oracle Database Administration (15%)

Part 1 (10 marks)

Due 4pm Friday March 29

Part 2 (20 marks)

Due 4pm Friday May 10

Acting in all respects in the role of a (solitary) DBA working for a commercial company, you must complete tasks and solve problems as presented by your manager and clients. Assessment is formative - the problems presented will build on experience gained in solving previous problems. It runs over a number of weeks, and you will need to establish a working database in the early stages in order to have time to progress through the problems. Part 1 is worth 10 marks and Part 2 is worth 20 marks - a total of 30 marks for 15% of marks towards finals.
The scenario for the assignment is available as both an .rtf file, and as a .pdf file.
The assignment specification is also available as an .rtf file and a .pdf file.

3. Project (17%)

Due 4pm Friday May 27


To understand some of the latest developments in the field of Database research and to develop: critical thinking and logical, structured, coherent writing.

You must choose one of the following topics for your project.

Distributed Databases
Spanner: Google's globally distributed database (Google)