Advanced Database Topics

COSC430 Resources

Textbooks and References

The Relational Theory part of the paper will be reasonably well covered by the following list, although our aim is for the lecture material to be self-contained as much as possible. Other parts of the paper will indicate relevant reference material within lectures. Some cached paper PDF files are available on campus.

  • Elmasri and Navathe, Database Systems (There are many editions—any within the last five years should be sufficient.)
  • David Maier, The theory of relational databases, Pitman, 1983
  • C. J. Date, An Introduction to Database Systems (Again there are many editions and any of the more recent editions should be sufficient.)

Some of the relational database practicals will use Oracle. Some of the documentation will only be available from within the campus network.

You could have a look at the documentation pages—in particular the "Administrator's Guide" and "Concepts" manuals—to get an idea of how to proceed with your work for the assignment, and to get an idea of what you as a client should be requiring your DBA to do for you.
There is a whole guide to Tuning for Oracle 8 (as there is for Backup and Recovery) in the Administration section of the guides. See here
Note :
There are references to (what might be considered useful) sections under the heading "Documentation references" at the bottom of both the dbtute3 and the dbtute4 pages, and there are also some references on the dbtute2 page in the section on creating rollback segments

Otago Capture

There is a COSC430 section on Otago Capture for lectures that have been recorded. (Note that lecture recordings need to be uploaded and transcoded, so they will not appear immediately after lectures finish.)

Unix Shell resources

Students will need to be familiar with the Unix Shell by the time of the first database practical session (week three). As discussed in lectures and over email, please ensure that you are comfortable with use of the Unix Shell on lab computers within the Owheo Building.

The two resources that you should work through are:

While most of the material for this paper is on this site, I am hoping to track and encourage your completion of the Shell learning tasks using Blackboard, so please update your status there.

Other resources

Oracle DBMS architecture—A quick overview.

Tutorial pages for DBA work (available only from departmental computers)
Tutorial notes 1
Tutorial notes 2
Tutorial notes 3
Tutorial notes 4
Tutorial notes 5

Notes re files used for setting up the Oracle (test) instance in the lab on 20/03/17

Extracts from Oracle DBA 101 book (pdf, also available only from departmental computers)

Resources from COSC344 :-

Those of you who did not do our COSC344 course, or who did it but would benefit from refreshing your knowledge, might like to read through the online lecture notes (the later ones—e.g. from Lecture 16 on—in particular). The list is available here