COSC440: Advanced Operating Systems

Semester 2

The major aims of COSC440 are:

  • Examine the design and the internals of a real operating system (Linux);
  • Discuss the design and research issues in operating systems;
  • Program in a real operating system (Linux);
  • Understand how an operating system interacts with modern CPU (ARM);
  • Develop software/OS for xv6 and embedded systems

This paper will cover process management, memory management, I/O systems, and file systems in a real operating system (Linux). It will enable students to write modules working in Linux kernel. Issues such as process management, interrupts and exceptions, device drivers, concurrency, memory management, file systems, interrupt handling, security and performance optimizations will be discussed and experienced through programming. Modern operating systems research such as microkernel will be exposed through reading materials. This paper will also cover embedded OS and programming.

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Wednesday, 9am-11am - Room G34, Owheo Building


Wednesday, 2pm-4pm - Room 127, Owheo Building