COSC440 - Assessment

Assessments will be 100% internal.


  • Assignment 1 (20%) - due by 4pm, Wednesday, 24 August
  • Assignment 2 (30%) - due by 4pm, Wednesday, 21 September
  • Assignment 3 (40%) - including a Report (30%) and 5 presentations (10%) - due by 4pm, Monday, 17 October
  • For each presentation, you should talk about one paper you read that is relevant to your report. The presentation should answer the following questions: what is the background/motivation of the research work in the paper? what are the problems the paper is addressing/solving? what are the exisiting solutions and proposed solutions the paper is comparing? what are the key technical challenges of the work? what are the experimental results achieved by the proposed solutions? overall, what do you think in the work could be improved? You don't need to answer all these questions but the presentation should enable discussion in the class.
  • Assessment by asking questions on lectures and labs (1% each week). You need to read the lecture notes and lab materials and send me questions before every Tuesday morning (for 10 weeks from week 2).