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Notes 16 September 2017

Demo concert notice

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Notes 2 September 2017

2-9 Notice Page 1

2-9-Notice page 2

2-9-Notice Page 3

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Notes 30 July 2017


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Notes February 2017

George St Centre  2017

We welcome all pupils to classes, and wish them a successful year of lessons.
Here are the dates for all the lessons to the end of Term One:
February 25  ( Lessons begin. Also Community Orchestra
, Recorder Consort, Guitar Ensemble and Ukulele
March 4   
(Other Orchestras, Bands and Ensembles begin.)
March 11
March 18  (Otago anniversary weekend, but classes as usual.)
March 25
April 1
April 8
 (Seven sessions. Term Two begins May 6th.)

A big "thank you" to all those who have paid contributions and hire fees for 2017.
 For those still wishing to pay, our bank number is:
 Westpac Moray Place branch 03 0903 0382134 00.
Please identify the account with (a) the surname, and (b) the given name of the pupil taking the lessons using a separate transfer for each pupil's account.

 These are for children enrolled in the primary classes and they are of no further cost, but of great benefit to their musical experience. Open Division adult pupils are also welcome. Here are the names and times of each group:
Training Orchestra  9:40-10:30, (for second-year strings) upstairs main block.
Symphonic Band  9:40-10:30,  (for second-year wind and brass) held in the Hall.
Junior Symphonia  8:45-9:40,  (for third-year and beyond) held in the Hall.
Recorder Consort  10:05-10:55 (for advanced recorder players in four parts) held in Room 21
Guitar Ensemble    9:10-9:55 (For guitar players with some experience.)
Community Orchestra 11:00- 12:30, (for the more advanced players) held in the Hall.

Care of George St School
We remind all children in the George Street School classrooms to take great care not to touch or tamper with any of the classroom equipment. It is a privilege to have the use of this school, and we show our gratitude by our carefulness.

Care of Instruments
We also encourage all children with hired instruments to follow the instructions that outline their care. Each instrument has its own specific requirements, but general guidelines for all instruments would include such things as:
Keep protected from sun, heaters or fireplaces.
Keep out of reach of inquisitive siblings and friends.
Keep in a safe place if needed at school, e.g. for orchestra.
If you have any queries regarding hired instruments, please see Kit McCready in the instrument room upstairs.
If you have any queries regarding payment, please see Leigh in our 'office' in Room 17 which is a downstairs room facing the carpark.
All other queries to:
Stephanie Hobbs
Co-ordinator.  4772296
Aart Brusse
Musical Director.  4544929

Notes Refunds

Refunds may be made up until the end of Term One. After Term One refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances (e.g. significant illness or family shifting from Dunedin).

Refund Application form in PDF format