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Notes Listen and Learn Violin

The Listen & Learn method of teaching musical instruments is based on listening and playing what you hear. It is like learning to speak; children listen and copy the words and sounds that they hear around them every day. By listening to the CD of their tunes, over and over, the sound they want to produce becomes familiar to them and they copy this.

The method also says that parental involvement is very important both in the lesson and at home when practicing. If you learn along with your child, working and listening at home becomes an enjoyable routine and less of a chore to be done by the child alone.

Lessons are in two parts. The class meets to practice routines and play exercises and tunes together. The class also divides into smaller groups, each with a tutor, to enable more individual attention and help to learn new work and techniques.

In addition to the violin(s) of the correct size, (which can be hired from us), you and your child will need the following equipment to get the best out of our Suzuki resourced tuition;
  • The CD (cost $10)
  • As time goes by your own copy of Book 1 of the Suzuki Violin Method becomes essential.
  • Something to write with, and a note book for your own reminders.

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