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Image and Vision Computing
New Zealand

University of Otago, Dunedin, 28 - 29 Nov, 2005


The conference will be held in the Valentine Common Room at St Margaret's College

Sunday 27 November, 8pm
Welcome Reception and registration in the Valentine Common Room at St Margaret's College.


Day 1: Mon 28 Nov

Day 2: Tue 29 Nov

8:30 Registration

Oral 1: Keynote Speaker

Session Chair: Brendan McCane

Terry Caelli
Solutions to Point Set Matching using Optimal Inference in Bayesian Networks. pdf.

Oral 5: Keynote Speaker

Session Chair: Brendan McCane

A. Lawrence Spitz
A Valiant Attempt to Reconstruct Don Quixote. pdf.
10:00 Morning Tea & Poster session (60 minutes)

Poster 1: Signal/Image Processing

FLOS-based technique for noise removal in images. pdf.
M. El Hassouni, H. Cherifi and M. Bennamoun
An experimental study of Subpattern based Principal Component Analysis and Cross-Subpattern-Correlation based Principal Component Analysis. pdf.
Atul Negi, Vijaya-Kumar Kadappa
The Complex Ridgelets for Image Denoising. pdf.
G. Y. Chen and B. Kegl
Toward an Efficient Implementation of a Rotation Invariant Detector using Haar-like Features. pdf.
Andre L. C. Barczak
White Balancing with Multi-Channel CMOS Sensors. pdf.
Stephan Henker, Jens-Uwe Schluessler, Rene Schueffny
Face Recognition Using Long Haar-like Filters. pdf.
Y.Higashijima, S.Takano and K.Niijima
Image Pulse Coding Scheme applied to Feature Extraction. pdf.
Christian Mayr and Rene Schüffny
Data Preprocessing on Sequential Data for Improved Astronomical Imaging. pdf.
S.J. Weddell, R.Y. Webb
Objective Evaluation of Edge Blur and Ringing Artefacts:Application to JPEG and JPEG 2000 Image Codecs. pdf.
G. A. D. Punchihewa, D. G. Bailey, and R. M. Hodgson
Recursive phase estimation for image sharpening. pdf.
M.P. Hayes and S.A. Fortune
The Importance of CCD Readout Smear in Heterodyne Imaging Phase Detection Applications. pdf.
Adrian A. Dorrington, Michael. J. Cree, and Dale A. Carnegie
Compression of 3D point data using discrete cosine transform. pdf.
Chi-Fa Chen and Chia-Yen Chen
Benefits of a single photon wavefront sensor. pdf.
T.Y. Chew and R.G. Lane

Poster 3: Recognition and Detection

Detection of moving objects from an airborne platform. pdf.
D Booth, R Jones, N Redding
Real-time adaptation to unconstrained lighting for occlusion detection. pdf.
Amol Malla, Richard Green
A Multi-step Strategy for Shape Similarity Search in Kamon Image Database. pdf.
Paul W.H. Kwan, Kazuo Toraichi, Keisuke Kameyama, Junbin Gao, Nobuyuki Otsu
Global Curvature Estimation for Corner Detection. pdf.
Simon Hermann and Reinhard Klette
An Efficient Moving Object Detection and Description. pdf.
Tao Xia, Chaoqiang Liu, Hui Li
Height Measurement as a Session-based Biometric for People Matching Across Disjoint Camera Views. pdf.
C. Madden and M. Piccardi
Invariant Pattern Recognition using Dual-tree Complex Wavelets and Fourier Features. pdf.
G. Y. Chen and B. Kegl
Landmark based shape representation scheme for recognition of two dimensional shapes. pdf.
D.S.Guru and H S Nagendraswamy
Food Classification using Color Imaging. pdf.
Liyanage C De Silva, Anton Pereira, Amal Punchihewa
Facial Expression Analysis by Support Vector Regression. pdf.
Chao Fan, Hossein Sarrafzadeh, Farhad Dadgostar, and Hamid Gholamhosseini
Video Understanding for Laparoscopic Surgery: Instrument Tracking. pdf.
S. J. McKenna, H. Nait Charif, T. Frank
A Component-based Architecture for Vision-based Gesture Recognition. pdf.
Farhad Dadgostar, Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
Object Region Modelling with Eigen-Density, SVM and MRFs. pdf.
A. Capar, M. Gokmen
An Adaptive Algorithm Switching System for Image Based Object Registration. pdf.
A. Clark, R. Green
Fast Face Recognition. pdf.
Karl Axnick, Kim C Ng

Oral 2: Stereo/Motion

Session Chair: Phil Bones

Noise-driven Symmetric Concurrent Stereo Matching. pdf.
Georgy Gimel'farb, John Morris, Patrice Delmas and Jiang Liu

Oral 6: Medical Imaging/Biometrics

Session Chair: Burkhard Wuensche

Vessel Segmentation and Tracking Using a Two-Dimensional Model. pdf.
M J Cree, D Cornforth and H F Jelinek
11:20 Stereo Vision Using Cost-Relaxation with 3D Support Regions. pdf.
Roland Brockers, Marcus Hund, BŠrbel Mertsching
Towards Vessel Characterisation in the Vicinity of the Optic Disc in Digital Retinal Images. pdf.
Jelinek, H.F. Depardieu, C., Lucas, C., Cornforth, D., Huang, W. and Cree, M.J.
11:40 Surface Reconstruction of Water Waves using Thermographic Stereo Imaging. pdf.
Volker Hilsenstein
Characterization of Curve-Like Structures in 3D Medical Images. pdf.
Gisela Klette and Mian Pan
12:00 Surveillance Camera System for Mobile Computing Environments using an Active Zooming Camera and MAC Address Tracking. pdf.
Hideaki Goto
A method to enhance frontal chest radiographs in the eigen-domain. pdf.
A.P.H. Butler, P.J. Bones, and M. Hurrell
12:20 Moving Object Removal and Background Completion in a Video Sequence. pdf.
Soon-Yong Park
Knowledge-Directed Automatic Bronchi Detection Method for Sparse HRCT Scans of the Lungs. pdf.
Sata Busayarat, Tatjana Zrimec, Peter Wilson
12:40 Lunch (40 minutes)

Oral 3: Motion

Session Chair: Terry Caelli

Correcting motion artifacts in magnetic resonance images. pdf.
J.R. Maclaren, P.J. Bones, R.P. Millane and R. Watts

Oral 7: Signal/Image Processing

Session Chair: Michael Cree

Fast interpolation of beampatterns for partially-occluded and time-variant facets using a Fourier domain warping method. pdf.
A.J. Hunter and M.P. Hayes
13:40 An Exploration of Semidefinite Programming Applied to Rigid Motion Factorization. pdf.
Kevin Novins and James Arvo
Time Invariant Steady-State Kalman Filter for Image Super-Resolution. pdf.
C. Newland and D. Gray
14:00 Audio-Video Biometric system with liveness checks. pdf.
Girija Chetty and Michael Wagner
A Compact Feature Representation and Image Indexing in Content-Based Image Retrieval. pdf.
G. Das and S. Ray
14:20 Structure from Motion in the Presence of Noise. pdf.
Gang Liu, Reinhard Klette and Bodo Rosenhahn
Multiwavelet Support Vector Machines. pdf.
G. Y. Chen and W. F. Xie
14:40 A Direct Geometric Algebra Optical Flow Solution. pdf.
Lee Streeter
Colour Image Processing and Texture Analysis on Images of Porterhouse Steak Meat. pdf.
Lee Streeter, Robert Burling-Claridge, Michael J. Cree
15:00 Afternoon Tea & Poster session (60 minutes)

Poster 2: Visualisation and Graphics

Visualising atmospheric mountain waves using sailplane flight data. pdf.
G.D. Stirling, R.P. Millane, E. Enevoldson and J.E. Murray
Relative Disparity Using Motion in Stereo Vision. pdf.
G. Searle, R. Green
Synthetic Ground Truth for Comparison of Gradient Field Integration Methods for Human Faces. pdf.
Alexander Woodward and Patrice Delmas
Ultra-wide FOV Retinal Display. pdf.
P J Hilton
An Efficient Approach for Emphasizing Regions of Interest in Ray-Casting based Volume Rendering. pdf.
Timo Ropinski, Frank Steinicke, Klaus Hinrichs
GPU-Based Volume Segmentation. pdf.
Stefan Schenke, Burkhard C. Wuensche and Joachim Denzler
Volume Measurement Using a Laser Scanner. pdf.
Xin Zhang, John Morris, and Reinhard Klette
An Analysis of Algorithms for In Vivo Fibre Tractography. pdf.
Jing Li and Burkhard C. Wuensche
Searching the Optimal Threshold for Voxel Coloring in 3D Reconstruction. pdf.
Young-Youl Yi, Hyo-Sung Kim, Soo-Young Ye, Ki-Gon Nam
Comparison of Structured Lighting Techniques with a View for Facial Reconstruction. pdf.
Da An, Alexander Woodward, Patrice Delmas and Chia-Yen Chen
Automatic Generation of Shape Data for IC Part. pdf.
Hirotake Esaki, Kiyoyuki Kagii, Taizo Umezaki
Collision Avoidance System Using Laser Beams. pdf.
Takayuki Nishi, Naomichi Yamazaki, Shin Koike, Takeshige Kuno and Taizo Umezaki
Ray casting for incremental voxel colouring. pdf.
O. Batchelor, R. Mukundan, R. Green
Surface Reconstruction and 3D Shape Processing for Cultural Applications. pdf.
Junta Doi and Wataru Sato
Surface Curvature Maps and Michelangelo’s David. pdf.
John Rugis

Poster 4: Applications

Non-parametric Calibration for Catadioptric Stereo. pdf.
Donald G. Bailey, Jonathan Seal, Gourab Sen Gupta
Applying a New Spatial Color Histogram in Mean-Shift Based Tracking Algorithm. pdf.
Dong Xu, Jinwen An
Segmentation of paddocks for object-level processing of multi-temporal satellite image sequences. pdf.
H.C. North, L.R. Lilburne, S.J. Burgham, S.E. Belliss
Optimisation of a colour segmentation and tracking algorithm for real-time FPGA implementation. pdf.
C.T. Johnston, D.G. Bailey, K.T. Gribbon
A Geometry-Based Secret Image Sharing Approach. pdf.
Chien-Chang Chen, Wen-Yin Fu, Chaur-Chin Chen
Disjoint Camera Track Matching by an Illumination Effects Reduction and Major Colour Spectrum Histograms Representation Algorithms. pdf.
Eric Dahai Cheng and Massimo Piccardi
Averaging Similarity Weighted Group Representations for Pose Estimation. pdf.
Marco Reisert, Hans Burkhardt
Temporally Synchronising Image Sequences using Motion Kinematics. pdf.
Kwangwu Lee and Richard D. Green
Video Scene Retrieval Based on the Layerization of Images. pdf.
Naoto Nakamura, Shigeru Takano, and Koichi Niijima
Better Realising Direct Manipulation. pdf.
Christiaan Gough, Richard Green, Mark Billinghurst
Low Cost Motion Capture. pdf.
R. Budiman, M. Bennamoun, D.Q. Huynh
A Framework for Game Engine Based Visualisations. pdf.
Burkhard C. Wuensche, Blazej Kot, Andrew Gits, Robert Amor, John Hosking and John Grundy
Real Number Representation for Image Processing on FPGAs. pdf.
Andrew Bainbridge-Smith
Animation and Modelling of Cardiac Performance for Patient Monitoring. pdf.
Jonathan Rubin, Burkhard C. Wuensche, Linda Cameron and Carey Stevens
Computer Vision for Low Cost 3-D Golf Ball and Club Tracking. pdf.
Alexander Woodward and Patrice Delmas
Automatic and Robust Scene Segmentation in Image Sequences. pdf.
Xiaobo An, Xueying Qin, Hujun Bao

Oral 4: Geometry

Session Chair: Larry Spitz

Geometric Correction of Projected Rectangular Pictures. pdf.
Xiang Wang, Reinhard Klette and Bodo Rosenhahn

Oral 8: Applications

Session Chair: Don Bailey

Turbulence Monitoring at Mount John. pdf.
R. A. Johnston, C. C. Worley, J. L. Mohr, R. G. Lane and P. L. Cottrell
16:20 Geometrically Invariant Feature Descriptors for Terrain Data. pdf.
Yongqin Xiao and Suresh K. Lodha
Understanding Tracks of Different Species of Rats. pdf.
Guannan Yuan, James Russell, Reinhard Klette, Bodo Rosenhahn, and Steven Stones-Havas
16:40 Two Approximative Algorithms for Calculating Minimum-Length Polygons in 3D Space. pdf.
Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette
The Effects of Head-Mounted Display Attributes on Human Visual Perception of Region Warping Distortions. pdf.
Yang-Wai Chow, Ronald Pose, Matthew Regan, James Phillips
17:00 Calibration of Target Positions using the Conformal Model and Geometric Algebra. pdf.
Robert J. Valkenburg, Nawar S. Alwesh
Pose Estimation using L-Infinity. pdf.
Xianhang Zhang
17:20 Free time (100 minutes) End of conference.
See you at IVCNZ 2006!!

Conference Dinner

Speights Ale House, 200 Rattray St (ph 471 9050)
Bus pick up at 6.30pm outside St Margaret's College