Conference Programme

Session Timetable

TimeMonday 26thTuesday 27thWednesday 28th
8:30am Registration  
9:00am Welcome Keynote 2
Dave Ferguson
9:30am Keynote 1
Reinhard Koch
Keynote 3
Nick Barnes
10:00am Posters 2
10:30am Morning Tea
11:00am Oral Session 1
3D and Multi-View
Oral Session 4
Oral Session 7
12 noon
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Oral Session 2
Motion, Video, Tracking
Oral Session 5
Image Processing
Oral Session 8
Spaces and Transforms
2:30pm Posters 1 Posters 3 Closing
3:00pm Afternoon Tea
3:30pm Oral Session 3
Oral Session 6
Graphics and HCI
6:30pm   Conference Dinner  

Oral Session 1: 3D and Multi-view Vision

107 Sangdoo Yun, Soo Wan Kim, Kwang Yi, Haan-Ju Yoo, Jin Young Choi Multiple Ground Plane Estimation for 3D Scene Understanding using a Monocular Camera
116 Robert Valkenburg, Nawar Alwesh Seamless Texture Map Generation from Multiple Images
145 Tony Scoleri, Shannon Fehlmann, David Booth, Robert Christie, Martin Hamlyn, Nicholas J. Redding A System for Live Geo-spatial Photogrammetry in Airborne Surveillance Videos
180 Chia-Yen Chen Intrinsic Parameters Calibration for Multi-Beam LiDAR Using the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

Oral Session 2: Motion, Tracking, and Video

27 Kwang Yi, Hawook Jeong, Soo Wan Kim, Jin Young Choi Visual Tracking with Dual Modeling
72 Junli Tao, Benjamin Risse, Xiaoyi Jiang, Reinhard Klette 3D Trajectory Estimation of Simulated Fruit Flies
78 Teck Sheng Ng, Dae-Jun Park, Jechang Jeong Quadruple Grid True Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion

Oral Session 3: Applications

40 Joe Chen, John Spence, Rick Millane Phase retrieval in femtosecond x-ray nanocrystallography
55 Chao Zhang, Changming Sun, Ran Su, Tuan D. Pham Segmentation of Clustered Nuclei Based on Curvature Weighting
103 Sam Corbett-Davies, Tom Botterill, Richard Green, Valerie Saxton An expert system for automatically pruning vines
127 Yinjie Lei, Mohammed Bennamoun, Amar A. El-Sallam A Structured Template based 3D Face Recognition Approach

Oral Session 4: Feature Detection and Description

52 Nabeel Khan, Brendan McCane, Steven Mills Feature set reduction for image matching in large scale environments
135 Rafi Md. Najmus Sadat, Shyh Wei Teng, Guojun Lu An Effective Method of Estimating Scale-Invariant Interest Region for Representing Corner Features
181 Tariq Khan, John Morris Fast Point-of-Interest Detection From Real-Time Stereo
185 Samuel Hindmarsh, Peter Andreae, Mengjie Zhang Genetic Programming for Improving Image Descriptors Generated Using the Scale-Invariant Feature Transform

Oral Session 5: Image Processing

53 Ran Su, Changming Sun, Chao Zhang, Tuan D. Pham Linear Feature Enhancement based on Morphological Operation and Gabor Function
62 Shawn Martin, Vijay Subramanya, Steven Mills Using Graph Layout to Generalise Focus+Context Image Magnification and Distortion
189 Munir Shah, Jeremiah D. Deng, Brendon Woodford Enhancing the Mixture of Gaussians Background Model with Local Matching and Local Adaptive Learning

Oral Session 6: Graphics and HCI

73 Bingchen Liu, Alexander Bock, Timo Ropinski, Martyn Nash, Poul Nielsen, Burkhard Wünsche GPU-Accelerated Direct Volume Rendering of Finite Element Data Sets
143 Ramakrishnan Mukundan, Bo Li Crowd Simulation: Extended Oriented Bounding Boxes for Geometry and Motion Representation
157 Huidong Bai, Gun Lee, Mark Billinghurst Freeze View Touch and Finger Gesture based Interaction Methods for Handheld Augmented Reality Interfaces
123 Chris van Egmond, Charl Botha, Burkhard Wünsche Design and Evaluation of Multifield Visualisation Techniques for 2D Vector Fields

Oral Session 7: Stereo

19 Changming Sun Closed-form Stereo Image Rectification
34 Valter Drazic, Neus Sabater A Precise Real-time Stereo Algorithm
81 Atsushi Nomura, Koichi Okada, Yoshiki Mizukami, Hidetoshi Miike, Makoto Ichikawa, Tatsunari Sakurai Subpixel Stereo Disparity for Surface Reconstruction by Utilising a Three-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion System
165 Ralf Haeusler, Reinhard Klette Optimality in Combinations of Confidence Measures for Stereo Vision

Oral Session 8: Spaces and Transforms

44 Brendan Mccane The Linear Space of All Images Smaller than 32x32
85 Donald Bailey Accelerating the Distance Transform
188 Hanhe Lin, Jeremiah D. Deng, Brendon Woodford Video Manifold Modelling: Finding the Right Parameter Settings for Anomaly Detection

Poster Session 1

7 Vivek Natarajan Human Skeletal tracking using Colour MSERs
13 Shuang Bai, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Yoshinori Takeuchi, Hiroaki Kudo, Noboru Ohnishi Scene Classification based on Category-Specific Representations Created through Prototype Feature Selection
14 Lulu Wang, Ray Simpkin, Ahmed Al-Jumaily 3D Breast Cancer Imaging Using Holographic Microwave
15 Yung-Lun Chen, Shyi-Chyi Cheng, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen Reordering Video Shots for Event Classification Using Bag-of-Words Models and String Kernels
18 Aaron Marburg, Michael P. Hayes, Andrew Bainbridge-Smith Evaluation of feature detectors for registering aerial images.
20 Robert Schattschneider, Richard Green Enhanced RANSAC Sampling Based on Non-Repeating Combinations
25 Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston, Mengjie Zhang Multi-Frequency Transformation for Edge Detection
28 Nida Zagham, Naveed Iqbal Rao A Quasi Color Transformation (QCT) for Low Quality Multi-view Images
31 Nguyen Vu Hoàng A graph-based representation of image visual content
47 Sam Corbett-Davies, Richard Green, Adrian Clark Physically interactive tabletop augmented reality using the Kinect
54 Nate Tang, Niels de Ruiter, J. L. Mohr, APH Butler, PH Butler, R Aamir Using Algebraic Reconstruction in Computed Tomography
56 Alexander Woodward, Patrice Delmas, Takashi Ikegami An Optimal Parameter Analysis and GPU Acceleration of the Image Receptive Fields Neural Network Approach
57 Jiewei Sun, Yisong Chen, Guoping Wang Computable Relation Graph Based Calibration Pattern Extraction Algorithm on Multiple Calibration Boards
59 Hajar Sadeghi Sokeh, Stephen Gould Towards Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes From Motion Cues
60 Łukasz Piątek, Zdzisław S. Hippe Synthesis of Selected Features of Melanocytic Skin Lesion Images
65 Dmitriy Khvan, Gwanggil Jeon, Jechang Jeong Video Deinterlacing with Dynamic Motion Analysis and Scene Cut Detection
67 Deepak Dwarakanath, Alexander Eichhorn, Pål Halvorsen, Carsten Griwodz Evaluating Performance of Feature Extraction Methods for Practical 3D Imaging Systems
69 Vedrana Krivokuća, Waleed Abdulla, Akshya Swain A Dissection of Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault Schemes
70 Chun Xiao Bian, Chuang Bai Xiao, Hui Qin Xi, Yi Liu Stitching Line and Deformation Propagation for Seamless Image Stitching
71 Bok-Suk Shin, James Russell, Yihui Zheng, Reinhard Klette Improved Segmentation for Footprint Recognition of Small Mammals
79 Ngaire Hart, Loulin Huang Counting Insects in Flight Using Image Processing Techniques.
84 Jinglin Zhang, Jean-Francois Nezan, Jean-Gabriel Cousin, Erwan Raffin Implementation of Stereo Matching Using High Level Compiler for Parallel Computing Acceleration

Poster Session 2

83 Yi Liu, Chuangbai Xiao, Zhe Wang, Chunxiao Bian An One-Class Classification Approach to Detecting Porn Image
90 Minh Nguyen, Rui Gong, Edwin Chan, Georgy Gimel'Farb, Patrice Delmas Context-driven Composite Stereo Reconstruction
92 Brice Befane, Koji Abe, Takahiro Hayashi A Method for Extracting Grouping Areas of Good Continuity Parts in Trademark Images
94 Pankaj Kumar, Jinhai Cai, Stan Miklavcic High-throughput 3D Modelling of Plants for Phenotypic Analysis
96 Ellie Rasmus, Richard Green Improving Face Recognition with Genealogical and Contextual Data
97 Simon J. Knopp, Philip J. Bones, Stephen J. Weddell, Carrie R. H. Innes, Richard D. Jones A miniature head-mounted camera for measuring eye closure
99 Philip Buchanan, Michael Doggett, Ramakrishnan Mukundan Structural Vectorization of Raster Images
100 Davide Floriello, Tom Botterill, Richard Green Recovering and analyzing 3D models of branched structures using computer vision: a review
101 Hajar Alharbi, Paul Kwan, Asm Sajeev A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Thresholding Techniques for Mass Detection in Digital Mammography
102 Sang-Heon Lee, Myoung-Kyu Sohn, Dong-Ju Kim, Byungmin Kim, Hyunduk Kim Face Recognition of Near-Infrared Images for Interactive Smart TV
105 Xiao Tan, Changming Sun, Xavier Sirault, Robert Furbank, Tuan D. Pham Tree Structural Watershed for Stereo Matching
106 Christopher Hollitt, Ahmed Sheihk Deeb Determining Image Orientation using the Hough and Fourier Transforms
109 Ayesha Hakim, Stephen Marsland, Hans W. Guesgen A Robust Joint Face Model for Human Emotion Recognition
111 Robert L. Larkins, Michael J. Cree, Adrian A. Dorrington Verification of Multi-View Point-Cloud Registration for Spherical Harmonic Cross-Correlation
114 Michael Hayes and Alan Hunter Synthetic aperture bathymetry estimation with a multielement array
115 Tom Botterill, Richard Green, Steven Mills Reconstructing partially visible models using stereo vision, structured light, and the g2o framework
118 Fredro Harjanto, Zhiyong Wang, Shiyang Lu, David Dagan Feng Evaluating the Impact of Frame Rate on Video Based Human Action Recognition
121 Shang Li Yuen, Ching Hau Chan, Teck Liong Choong, Siok Syen Teh, Ming Hui How, Hie Ping Ting, Hockwoon Hon A user-centric control and navigation for augmented virtual environment surveillance application
122 Maja Krivokuća, Burkhard Wünsche, Waleed Abdulla A New Error Metric for Geometric Shape Distortion using Depth Values from Orthographic Projections
124 Ratheesh Kalarot, Georgy Gimel'Farb, John Morris 3D Object Tracking with a High-Resolution GPU Based Real-Time Stereo
128 Tee Connie, Michael Goh, Andrew Teoh Grassmannian Locality Preserving Discriminant Analysis to View Invariant Gait Recognition with Image Sets

Poster Session 3

129 Jinhai Cai, Marcela Cespedes Plant Temperature Measurement and Analysis from Infrared Images
130 Edwin Chan, Patrice Delmas, Minh Nguyen, Alfonso Gastelum, Roy Sirui Yang, Rui Gong, Ni Liu, Georgy Gimel'Farb, Stephane Bertin, Heide Friedrich On Location Experiments on River Bed Stereophotogrammetry
132 Myoung-Kyu Sohn, Sang-Heon Lee, Dong-Ju Kim, Byungmin Kim, Hyunduk Kim A Comparison of 3D Hand Gesture Recognition using Dynamic Time Warping
133 Michał Lewandowski, James Orwell Co-training on multi-view unlabelled data
134 Anna Friedlander, Marcus Frean, Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, Christopher Hollitt Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Image Segmentation and Source Finding in Radio Astronomy Images
139 Junwen Sun, Waleed Abdulla Palm Vein Recognition using Curvelet Transform
140 Ankan Bhattacharya, Sarbani Palit, Gourav Roy A Novel Technique for the Blind Assessment of Image Degradation die to Compression
141 Kapila K Pahalawatta, Richard Green Detection and Classification of nano-scale particles with image histograms
144 Moonsub Byeon, Hyung Jin Chang, Jin Young Choi Hierarchical Feature Grouping for Multiple Object Segmentation and Tracking
148 Barbara Romaniuk, Lara Younes, Éric Bittar 3D Rheims Reconstruction Through Ages: Robust and Invariant Postcard Matching
150 Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi, Faisal Farooq, Sungyoung Lee A Robust Feature Extraction Method for Human Facial Expression Recognition Systems
155 Hakan Haberdar, Shishir K. Shah Video Synchronization as One-Class Learning
160 Mohamed Alkanhal, Ghulam Muhammad, Adel Alotaibi, Khalid Alqahtani A Robust Recognition System for Partially Occluded Faces
164 Xiao Bao Clark, Jackson Finlay, Andrew Wilson, Keith Milburn, Minh Hoang Nguyen, Christof Lutteroth, Burkhard Wünsche An Investigation into Graph-Cut Parameter Optimisation for Image-Fusion Applications
168 Vedrana Krivokuća, Waleed Abdulla Fast Fingerprint Alignment Method based on Minutiae Orientation Histograms
169 Umair Mateen Khan, Brendan McCane, Andrew Trotman A Feature Compression Scheme for Large Scale Image Retrieval Systems
172 Anna Fields, Richard Green Characteristic-Based Vehicle Identification
175 Michael McGee, Richard Green Foreground segmentation for interactive displays
177 Ayrton Oliver, Steven Kang, Burkhard Wünsche, Bruce MacDonald Using the Kinect as a Navigation Sensor for Mobile Robotics
182 Stéphane Bertin, Heide Friedrich, Patrice Delmas, Edwin Chan The development and internal assessment of a high-resolution, non-proprietary, stereo-photogrammetric setup for hydraulic experiments
183 Mahdi Rezaei, Reinhard Klette Adaptive Haar-like Classifier for Eye Status Detection under Non-ideal Lighting Conditions

Important Dates

  • 17th September - Extended deadline for subissions (5-6 pages) for review.
  • 10th September 2012 - Deadline for submissions (5-6 pages) for review.
  • 15th October 2012 - Notification of acceptance.
  • 29th October 2012 - Final papers due.
  • 26th-28th November - Conference dates.

The conference proceedings are now available through the ACM Digital Library.

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