Submission and reviewing of papers is now complete. Over 160 papers were submitted, from which 30 were selected for oral presentation and a further 70 for poster presentation. All accepted papers will receive the same space in the proceedings, and authors are asked to follow the instructions below carefully.

  • Final submissions must be prepared using the ACM Proceedings Templates. Please use the second LaTeX option (the alternate style with the permission block).
  • Your final submission should be in PDF format and must be 5-6 pages in length. Submissions can be uploaded to the EasyChair online system. You should upload your final manuscript as an update to your original submission.
  • You should identify appropriate classification terms from the ACM list. Likely categories of interest are I.2 (Artificial Intelligence), I.3 (Computer Graphics), I.4 (Image Processing and Computer Vision), and I.5 (Pattern Recognition). Various parts of Section G (Mathematics for Computing) may well be of interest as well.
  • Your final paper should be formatted in PDF for US Letter paper with Type 1 (scalable) embedded fonts. You should check carefully before submitting, as some software installations will produce A4 documents by default. See below for more technical details.
  • Authors of accepted papers should have received a copyright clearance request from the ACM. Please complete this as soon as possible. If you have not received this request please contact the IVCNZ 2012 organisers immediately.
  • Once you have completed the copyright form and returned it to the ACM they will reply with an email containing the copyright text. This must be placed at the bottom of the first column of the first page of your paper.

Technical Details

Preparing documents to adhere to the ACM guidelines depends a lot on your software installation and configuration. As a result we are unable to offer individual technical support. However, the following links and notes may be of help.

Type 1 Embedded Fonts

PDFs may have Type 1 (scalable) or Type 3 (bitmap) fonts, and these may be embedded in the document or linked externally. For maximum portability these should be Type 1 embedded fonts. You can check for embedded fonts using Adobe Acrobat. Open your document and select 'Properties' from the 'File' menu. The Fonts tab should give you a list of fonts used in the document, and each should be followed by '(Embedded)' or '(Embedded Subset)'.

The ACM provides instructions for checking this, which also includes some advice about how to use the optimal distiller settings when creating PDFs from Microsoft Word. There is also some advice for LaTeX users.

Microsoft Word users may be able to embded the fonts by choosing to the ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A) option when saving as a PDF. When saving as a PDF under Word 2010 click on the 'Options...' button then check the box for PDF/A. Other versions of Word may have similar options.

Letter Paper for LaTeX Users

For LaTeX users, you may find that documents are produced in A4 rather than US Letter format. Changing this depends a lot on your LaTeX installation and configuration, but here are some things you can try:

  • The geometry package allows you to specify page sizes and margins. The incantation for the ACM format is
    \usepackage[letterpaper, top=0.75in, bottom=1in, left=0.75in, right=0.75in]{geometry}
  • If you are going via DVI then dvips -t letter will make an appropriately sized PS file.

We have, however, only tested this on our own installations, so you should check carefully before submitting.

Important Dates

  • 17th September - Extended deadline for subissions (5-6 pages) for review.
  • 10th September 2012 - Deadline for submissions (5-6 pages) for review.
  • 15th October 2012 - Notification of acceptance.
  • 29th October 2012 - Final papers due.
  • 26th-28th November - Conference dates.

The conference proceedings are now available through the ACM Digital Library.

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