Programming and Problem Solving


When you successfully complete this paper, you will be able to demonstrate

  • an understanding of the nature of algorithms and how to analyse their efficiency
  • an appreciation for abstract data types (ADTs) and a knowledge of the ADTs most commonly used in software development (e.g., stacks, queues, lists, sets, priority queues, and equivalence relations)
  • an understanding of the most common data structures used to represent ADTs (e.g., arrays, linked lists, binary search trees, heaps), and the algorithms that operate on them
  • an increased proficiency in Java programming


  • Monday 11am - TBA
  • Thursday 11am - TBA

Recordings of the lectures will be available here.


Labs take place in rooms G37 and G38 of the Owheo building at 133 Union Street East.

There are scheduled labs at 9am, 12pm, and 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Class Reps

As well as communicating directly with staff members, any feedback can also be given via the class reps:

To be announced

Academic Integrity

In COSC241 we place high value on the virtue of academic integrity, and view academic misconduct as a very serious matter. For further information, please see our statement on academic integrity and academic misconduct.

Here is a student guide to Academic Integrity published by the University.

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