Programming and Problem Solving

Lecture schedule and handouts

Electronic copies of the lecture material will be available by Thursday afternoon for the following week. We reserve the right to depart from the planned schedule if necessary.

Code samples from the lectures will be available here.

Recordings of the lectures are available here.

Lecture Date Topic
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1 February 25th Introduction
2 February 28th Review
3 March 4th Algorithms
4 March 7th Recursion
5 March 11th Algorithm analysis 1
6 March 14th Algorithm analysis 2
7 March 18th Array algorithms 1
8 March 21st Array algorithms 2
9 March 25th Linked lists 1
10 March 28th Linked lists 2
11 April 1st Random 1
12 April 4th Random 2
13 April 8th Collections & Generics
14 April 11th Stacks
15 April 15th Queues
16 April 18th Insertion & Selection sort
  Apr 19th - Apr 28th Mid-semester break
17 April 29th Quick sort
18 May 2nd Guest lecture (Sam & Lisa Blakie from Runaway play)
19 May 6th Merge sort
20 May 9th Heaps & Priority Queues
21 May 13th Heap sort
22 May 16th Sorting comparisons
23 May 20th Object oriented programming I (combined handout)
24 May 23rd Object oriented programming II
25 May 27th Object oriented programming applied
26 May 30th Review & exam Guide
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