Welcome to COSC343

Semester 1, 2020


Lech Szymanski


Yerren van Sint Annaland

Class reps

You will be able to contact them by sending an email to 343reps (at the usual address).


The course textbook is Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach (Third Edition) , by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall 2010. The textbook webpage contains many materials and resources that are very useful for students.

Lecture and lab venues

Monday 9:00-9:50am, ARCH3
Wednesday 9:00-9:50am, OBS117

Lab streams:

  • Weds 2:00-3:50pm, OWG06 (Lab A)
  • Weds 4:00-5:50pm, OWG06 (Lab A)
  • Thurs 4:00-5:50pm, OWG06 (Lab A)

To change your stream please email Lech.

For resources, lecture notes, tutorials and assignments visit the course page on blackboard.