Software Engineering

Assessment 2017

Final Exam

The final examination is worth 60% of your final mark. Previous years' examination papers can be found in the library. You should also be able to view them on-line at Exam Papers Online.

Beware: the course changed substantially in 2006 so exam questions from 2005 and before are no longer helpful.

Notes for exam review

During the exam, make sure you know what each question is asking for and that you have answered every part of your chosen questions.

Practical work


The assignment consists of a major project completed in teams of three or four people.

The practical work is worth 40% of your final mark.

In order to ensure that you receive the marks that your work entitles you to, you must ensure that every file that is handed in contains the names and student IDs of every student in the group, whether they worked on that particular file or not. When the office report that marked assignments are available, each of you should check that he or she has a received a mark.

You may (but need not) use our laboratories, as available. Deadlines for assignments are coordinated by groups; assessment for practical work is continuous during the year and relates to both project management and final deliverables.

Due dates:

Assignment part 1, due Thursday the 13th of April 2017, worth 10%.

Assignment part 2, due Monday the 29th of May 2017, worth 10%.

Assignment part 3, approximate due date week 4 of semester 2, 2017, worth 10%.

Assignment part 4,  approximate due date week 12 of semester 2, 2017, worth 10%.

On copying and assessment

You must abide by the University's rules about plagiarism. Since using existing code is a valued software engineering technique, you are allowed to include in your project material (text, diagrams, source code, data, whatever) written by other people, provided you

  • obey the law: it must be material you have a legal right to use this way;
  • clearly identify the material written by other people;
  • prominently display the name of the original author(s) and provide any relevant publication details;
  • write a “substantial” proportion of the whole program yourselves.

The word “substantial” is in scare quotes because there's no fixed proportion. It's just ordinary human fairness we're after. You should do honest work to get honest marks.