Software Engineering

Lectures and Resources 2018

Lecture Schedule

There will be 1 lecture and 1 tutorial per week: lectures on Tuesdays, 4pm and tutorials on Fridays, 9am.

Lecture     Who     Topic
1 AT Introduction + Little Languages
2 AT Project Planning
3 AT Team Organisation
4 AT Communications
5 AT Documentation
6 AT Make
7 AT Version Control
8+9 AT Basic Computer Architecture and the Stack
10+11 AT The Heap and Dynamic Allocation
12 AT Managing Memory Managers
13 AT Memory Checkers
14 AT Linkers Loaders Libraries
15 AT Plan to throw one away
Between Semester Break  
Lecture Who Topic
1 DE Portability
2 DE Software components
3 DE Distributed software components
4 DE Continuous integration
5 DE Waterfall model
6 DE Requirements
7 DE Agile software development
8 DE Code review
9 DE Testing, code coverage and static analysis
10 DE Debugging
11 DE Optimisation
12 DE Ethics and responsibility
13 (DE+AT) Project presentations

Lecture recordings

David recorded has lectures, and originally intended to use the recordings only for his own teaching review, however requests were made to release the recordings. A survey was undertaken that identified some students were against releasing the recordings, but subsequent discussion with each of those students resolved that the negative feelings were not strong. So there is now a COSC345 section on the Echo360 platform used by Otago Capture.


Student Administration have asked us to add this note on Plagiarism:
"Students should make sure that all submitted work is their own. Plagiarism is a form of dishonest practice. Plagiarism is defined as copying or paraphrasing another's work, whether intentionally or otherwise, and presenting it as one's own (approved University Council, December 2004). In practice this means plagiarism includes any attempt in any piece of submitted work (such as an assignment or test) to present as one's own work the work of another (whether of another student or a published authority). Any student found responsible for plagiarism in any piece of work submitted for assessment shall be subject to the University's dishonest practice regulations which may result in various penalties, including forfeiture of marks for the piece of work submitted, a zero grade for the paper, or in extreme cases exclusion from the University."