Computer Vision and Graphics

COSC450 Assessment, Semester 1, 2018

There will be an examination worth 60% and 2 assignments worth a total of 40%. Details of both Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 are available now.

Students are expected to understand and adhere to the University's academic integrity policy.

Late penalties for assignments will apply at the usual rate of 10% per working day. Any issues with the deadlines or requests for extensions should be directed to Steven Mills (

Assignment 1: Fitting Planes to Points

Full details of Assignment 1 are available now.

Point cloud models are a common output from depth sensors such as LiDAR or Microsoft's Kinect, stereo vision algorithms, etc. These models, as their name suggests consist of isolated 3D points, sometimes with additional information such as colour or surface normal estimates. Making solid surfaces from these point clouds is difficult, but many types of scene and objects, particularly manufactured objects and built environments, contain many planar surfaces In this assignment you will write a program which finds planes in point cloud data, then recolours the points so that the planes can be visualised.

point cloud detected planes

Some more PLY files for testing:

Due: Monday 9th April, 12 midnight

Assignment 2: Short Animated Film

Full details of Assignment 2 are available now.

For this project you will work as a group to make a short animated film. However, the film is not what is being assessed. Rather I am asking for a reflective report about how you contributed to the project and, in particular, how the role(s) you took allowed you to apply the Disney Principles to the film.

Due: Monday 14th May, 12 midnight


The examination will consist of three questions, each worth 20 marks. These questions will cover the lecture topics which are not assessed by the two assignments.