COSC450 Resources

This page lists general resources that may be of use for COSC450 students. Resources specific to particular lectures are alongside the lecture notes.


While not a requirement, COSC342 (Comptuer Graphics) provides useful background material. There are still old COSC342 web pages which inlcude lecture notes etc. which may be useful either as revision or as catch-up for students who have not taken the paper or something similar already. More recent instances of COSC342 are on Blackboard, so not as easily available.

Mathematical Materials

Vision and Graphics both make extensive use of mathematics. Some students find this difficult, but the mathematics usually relates to some geometric or otherwise intuitive concept. We try to make these links clear in the paper. One of the most pervasive elements of mathematics in Vision and Graphics is linear algebra. This is often thought of as being about matrices and vectors or solving linear systems of equations, but for us it is really about the geometry of two- and three-dimensional space.

The 3blue1brown YouTube channel has quite a nice series on linear algebra that takes a geometric approach to the explanation and goes from the basics up to Eigenvectors and Eigenvales.