Computer Vision and Graphics

COSC450 Resources

This page lists general resources that may be of use for COSC450 students. Resources specific to particular lectures are alongside the lecture notes.


While not a requirement, COSC342 (Comptuer Graphics) provides useful background material. The COSC342 web pages inlcude lecture notes etc. which may be useful either as revision or as catch-up for students who have not taken the paper already.


Blender can be downloaded for free from The latest stable version at the time of writing was 2.78b, and the lab machines have version 2.73a installed. The differences between these versions is minor, but note that there are significant differences between versions 2.4 and 2.5 (more than a 2.x -> 3.x change in most software). The Blender site also contains a number of tutorials, a user manual, and API documentation for the Python scripting interface.


Documentation and source code for the OpenCV library is available from the OpenCV website, I have compiled the version 2.4.9 OpenCV libraries for OS X, and this is available in ~steven/Public/COSC450/OpenCV. A sample program is available in ~steven/Public/COSC450/ This contains three files:

  • The source code, ocvTest.cpp
  • A makefile, Makefile
  • A utility script,

The program can be built with make, but to run it needs to have access to the OpenCV libraries. This requires that the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is set properly, and this can be done by running the command source The series of commands to build and run the test is