COSC453 2007

This paper is not being offered in 2010

Welcome to COSC453 in 2007. This is a 100% internally assessed course which consists of 5 units. See the notes for enrolled students for details of the course.

Notes for Enrolled Students

Unit Related Material


VXL and CMake

It is suggested that students make use of the excellent VXL computer vision library. VXL is a cross platform library, so you can use it on linux, windows and several other platforms. VXL is installed on the local machines in /home/pyrotechnic/m/mccane/vxlbin.
For it's build system, VXL uses CMake, which is a cross-platform make. An example vxl program file which you may find useful can be found here.

Student Tutorials

Here are some tutorials produced by previous 453 students, which may help providing some background knowledge:


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